Slate Islands Heritage Trust

Looking across to Belnahua from Luing


Seil, the most Northerly of the Slate Islands, is connected to the mainland by a small single-arched bridge dating from 1792 known as 'The Bridge over the Atlantic'.

Easdale Island is small in area, but was the centre of the Scottish slate industry for almost three centuries. At the peak of the slate mining industry Easdale had a community of more than 500 working as many as seven quarries.

Luing is the largest of the Slate Islands and had a population of over 600 in the late 1800s, but nowadays the island is inhabited by barely 200 people. Tobernochy and Cullipool were once centres of the Slate industry and Iona Cathedral is roofed with Luing slates.

Belnahua is nowadays uninhabited, but in earlier times was home to almost 200 people employed in the slate quarry industry. The ruined cottages are an eerie legacy of a bygone age.